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Road Accidents - A Major Catastrophe During The Monsoon

Are road accidents a major issue in monsoons?

Road network of India is one of the most extensive transportation lines in the world.It is an important source for our country’s growth and development.

However, accidents on these roads are the reason for several fatalities in the country. Road accidents during monsoons are one of the biggest challenges that the country faces.

Deaths due to road accidents are caused all year round but the numbers rise higher when it’s monsoon. Along with heavy rains, the monsoon brings along a number of problems for drivers.

Every year during monsoon, we hear about fatalities due to road accidents in the news, but how exactly are monsoons affecting our safety?

Factors causing road accidents during monsoon

  1.  Low visibility

    Low visibility on roads is one of the most common reasons for road accidents in the world. Low visibility can occur due to bad climatic conditions like heavy rains, fog and lack of light on roads. Due to heavy rains, it becomes difficult for the drivers to drive with a clear view which puts them as well as the people on the roads in danger. In situations like these, the drivers have to be extra cautious while driving to make sure no casualties take place.

  2.  Uneven roads

    It was reported by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India that in 2020, more than three thousand accidents occurred due to potholes caused by the monsoon. Due to the poor quality of construction, the road starts experiencing breakage when it rains heavily which causes potholes to form. This opening in the road then becomes a threat to several lives and just adds to the list of monsoon woes.

  3.  Hydroplaning

    Hydroplaning, also known as Aquaplaning is a phenomenon that occurs when the tires of a vehicle lose traction or grip on the road and instead slide on the layer of water present on the road. Hydroplaning is dangerous as it makes handling the vehicle difficult, leaving the driver with minimum control over the car.

How do you prevent road accidents during monsoons?

Every year the Government authorities take several steps to make sure road safety is maintained but those steps can never be full proof. However, there are some preventive measures that you can carry out to keep yourself away from the grave dangers of the roads.

For Cars And Motorbikes

  1. Pay attention to tyre treads

    The treads in a tyre allow the water to flow through it without any issues so that the tyre has constant contact with the roads. Tyre treads need to be maintained regularly as it wears out over time. The treads in the tyre must be at least 1.6mm in depth to run on the roads safely.

  2. Don’t speed up

    Driving your vehicle above the speed limit is always dangerous but it’s even more unsafe during monsoons. Since visibility is compromised during rains, it becomes hard to see the surroundings clearly which can cause serious accidents. Driving recklessly can also make you lose your control over the vehicle which can lead to an unfortunate event.

For Pedestrians and Construction Workers

  1. Avoid running

    Crossing roads abruptly without checking both sides of the road is dangerous. If you think the driver driving the vehicle will halt suddenly, then you are wrong! Because of low visibility due to the downpour they might not be able to spot you in time and may fail to stop the vehicle. This can result in a situation you don’t even want to dream of. To stay safe examine the road and cross it when the vehicles are at a safe distance.

  2. Be visible

    Lack of visibility is one of the major causes of road casualties in pedestrians and construction workers. Equipping yourself with Hi-Vis rainwear can make a huge difference. The Hi-Vis rainwear is designed specifically to make sure that you are visible during heavy rains. The material used in ReflectoSafe’s Hi-Vis rainwear reflects luminous light that makes it easier for the drivers to spot you earlier even in heavy rains.

How do ReflecroSafe’s Hi-Vis garments help?

The wide range of High-Visibility Safety products created by ReflectoSafe ensure maximum safety for every wearer. Attaining this level of perfection is possible because of our partnership with 3M India. The 3M reflective material used on our Hi-Vis clothing is ideal for hours after dusk. When the light of a vehicle falls on the reflective material it ensures enhanced visibility of the wearer by reflecting luminous light back to the drivers approaching you.